COMELEC union hails election employees, public school teachers and volunteers

News Release
May 15, 2018
Reference: Mac Ramirez, National President

COMELEC union hails election employees, public school teachers and volunteers


The employees’ union of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) today hailed the thousands of Comelec employees and the army of teachers and volunteers whose efforts contributed immensely to the success of the recently concluded Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections.

“The COMELEC Employees’ Union (COMELEC-EU) salutes the thousands of Comelec employees, most notably those from the field offices nationwide, whose outstanding effort of laying the groundwork for the recently concluded Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections contributed immensely to its success,” the COMELEC-EU said in a statement.

The COMELEC-EU lauded the backbreaking effort conducted by poll employees on the ground that include, among many others, the conduct of voters’ registration, the daunting task of preparing and training the army of public school teachers who will man the polling precincts, the briefing of the thousands of candidates on election rules, coordinating with the various agencies in government relative to election preparation, and educating the general public to exercise their right to vote and to vote responsibly.

“Of course, the foot soldiers of COMELEC won’t be able to accomplish all these if not for the exceptional leadership and direction given by the COMELEC Senior Staff and the Honorable Commission En Banc led by Acting Chairman Al A. Parreno,” the poll body’s union said.

The COMELEC-EU also commended the “heroism and sacrifice” of the public-school teachers who served as Chairperson and Members of the Electoral Boards in all of the nations polling precincts as well as all the volunteers from the COMELEC’s accredited citizens arms and other cause-oriented groups.

“We also take our hats off to the army of public-school teachers who served at the frontlines during the last elections and the thousands of election volunteers who helped guard the sanctity of the balloting. Ang inyong ipinakitang kabayanihan at sakripisyo ay nararapat lamang na kilalanin sapagkat nagsisilbi itong tunay inspirasyon para sa mga mamamayan lalong lalo na sa ating mga kabataan,” it said.

Upgrade Comelec employees’ salary, pay teachers promptly

The COMELEC-EU, meanwhile, reiterated their long-standing appeal for the immediate and substantial wage increase. The COMELEC-EU, who has more than four thousand members nationwide, has been calling for the upgrading of the salary of the rank and file employees in COMELEC, saying that their pay is grossly insufficient considering their huge responsibility of administering the elections in the country.

According to the COMELEC-EU, an Election Officer 1, who administers the election in a town or municipality, is paid with a measly salary of P22,149 (Salary Grade 12). While Election Assistants, which comprise the majority of Comelec employees nationwide, receives a monthly salary of P17,473 (Salary Grade 9).

The COMELEC-EU also called on the COMELEC leadership to pay the honoraria of public school teachers who served in the last elections without delay. They also supported the teachers’ call against the imposition of a 5% withholding tax on their honoraria. ###

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WHEREAS, the Honorable Commission on En Banc, through Minute Resolution No. 14-0869 dated 16 December 2014, approved the reclassification of 1,014 Provincial Election Supervisor (PES), Election Officer (EO) and Election Assistant (EA) positions nationwide, based on the number of registered voters per Province, City/Municipality/District, pursuant to a Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Guideline effective January 1, 1992;

WHEREAS, only those with EA I positions qualified for reclassification among all EA positions because the highest EA rank an employee may be upgraded to is EA II;

WHEREAS, this patent incongruity left those with EA II positions with no more room to advance, thereby causing demoralization among their ranks considering that they comprise the majority of all EA positions nationwide and that they too are deserving of the promotion and upgrading that is long-overdue;

WHEREAS, in a consultation with the COMELEC-EU National President on October 20, 2016 in Calbayog, Samar; EAs of Region VIII asked the assistance of the COMELEC-EU in addressing this particular concern;

WHEREAS, the COMELEC-EU National President promptly endorsed the said concern to Atty. Margaret C. Ching, Director IV, Personnel Department; and on November 4, 2016, Director Ching replied, thus:

“DBM guidelines which took effect on January 1, 1992 uses the number of registered voters as criteria to determine PES, EO and EA positions which can be upgraded/reclassified. Presently, the highest EA rank and employee may be upgraded to is EA II for cities/municipalities with more than 5,000 registered voters.”

WHEREAS, the Personnel Department stated that the “possibility of creating higher ranking EA positions and the consequent rationalization of the criteria for its upgrading thereof,” still needs to be brought up to the DBM, thus there is a need to drumbeat this pressing issue on a national level and to mobilize a strong lobby for its immediate approval;

NOW THEREFORE, We Election Assistants and employees in the Central and Field Offices, respectfully appeal to the Honorable Commission En Banc for (1) the immediate creation of higher ranking EA positions so that those with EA II positions in all Districts/Municipalities/Cities including those stationed in all OPES and REDO nationwide may be given the opportunity to be upgraded/reclassified and (2) the allocation of additional EA positions based on the number of registered voters to augment local COMELEC offices.

We hereby affix our signatures in support of this humble appeal. (Please write legibly).

(Kindly send the signed petition to the COMELEC-EU, 3rd flr Shipping Center Bldg. A. Soriano Avenue, Intramuros, Manila)




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Letter to the Field re CNA

August 24, 2016



Dear Sirs/Mesdames:

It is with utmost pride and honor that I inform you that the first ever Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) between the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and its rank and file employees was signed by the Honorable Chairman J. Andres D. Bautista for the Commission and the undersigned for the COMELEC Employees’ Union (COMELEC-EU) last August 22, 2016 at the COMELEC Main Office in Intramuros, Manila.

Under the CNA, a plethora of strategic economic and non-economic benefits such as, among others, the grant of Employee Contingency Allowance, Medical Assistance for all officials and employees, regularization of plantilla casuals, the reclassification of field positions and the grant of P25,000 Annual CNA Incentive were agreed upon and formalized.

But in order for us to realize all these benefits, it is necessary for the majority of the rank and file employees of the Commission to ratify the signed CNA by affixing their signatures to the hereto attached ratification sheet before submission to the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

As such, the undersigned most respectfully seeks your good office’s assistance in posting the attached signed CNA in all ORED, OPES and OEO Offices in your jurisdiction and sending to us via email at the actual pictures of the posted signed CNA at conspicuous places in said offices. Also, we respectfully seek your kind assistance in distributing the signed CNA and the ratification sheet to be signed by rank and file employees (SG 1 -24) in your jurisdiction.

You may send the original signed ratification sheets to the COMELEC-EU, 3rd floor Shipping Center Building, Intramuros, Manila on or before September 23, 2016.

Thank you very much for your continued support to the rank and file employees’ welfare.



National President
COMELEC Employees’ Union

ATTACHMENTS (for downloading and distribution):

Signed CNA

Signed CNA Ratification Sheet

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Soon to rise: ‘COMELEC Village’, as COMELEC – Pag IBIG Fund ink pact

March 7, 2016
Reference: Mac Ramirez, COMELEC-EU National President
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Soon to rise: ‘COMELEC Village’, as COMELEC – Pag IBIG Fund ink pact

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and the Home Development Mutual Fund (PAG-IBIG Fund) today forged a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a housing community exclusively for COMELEC employees.

Under the agreement, Pag-IBIG Fund shall extend developmental loans to the COMELEC in accordance with its existing guidelines on “Group Housing Loan Program” for the land development and house construction of the proposed COMELEC Housing Project. The COMELEC, on the other hand, shall provide or identify the land that can be developed.

Representing the COMELEC in the signing of the agreement is Hon. Chairman J. Andres Bautista while Pag-IBIG Fund will be represented by its President and Chief Executive Officer Atty. Darlene Marie Berberabe.

In behalf of the end-users of the COMELEC Housing Project, the COMELEC Employees’ Union (COMELEC-EU), the largest and most comprehensive organization of COMELEC employees nationwide, hailed the COMELEC-Pag IBIG Fund accord.

“We are tremendously grateful that a landmark and historic agreement to provide decent and affordable housing to COMELEC employees is forged between COMELEC and the Pag-IBIG Fund,” stated COMELEC-EU National President Mac Ramirez.

With barely two months to go before the May 9, 2016 National and Local Elections, the COMELEC-Pag IBIG Fund accord, according to Ramirez, “inspires us foot soldiers of the COMELEC to do better in our duty to protect the sanctity of the ballot.” ###


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So the Filipino may vote, COMELEC field personnel defy physical and emotional limits at voter registration centers

October 30, 2015
Reference: Atty. Frances Aguindadao-Arabe, COMELEC-EU Public Relations Officer, Election Officer, Pasay City 2nd District

So the Filipino may vote, COMELEC field personnel defy physical and emotional limits at voter registration centers

On the eve of the last day of the voter registration process, the Commission on Elections Employees’ Union (COMELEC-EU) hailed the thousands of COMELEC workers at the frontlines.

LastMinuteRegistrants“The COMELEC Employees Union (COMELEC-EU) salutes our colleagues at the frontlines who continue to defy physical and emotional limits just so the right to suffrage of our countrymen are ensured and protected. Your dedication to duty and to country is truly an inspiration,” the COMELEC-EU said in a statement.

During the final stretch of the voter registration process, thousands of registrants, as expected, flooded COMELEC offices and satellite registration centers nationwide to try to beat the voter registration deadline.

Unfortunately, due to the heavy influx of irate registrants, all demanding to be accommodated ahead of others, tension and hostility have become a common occurrence at voter registration centers and at the receiving end of such misplaced aggression are COMELEC frontline employees who are just doing their best to serve the public, the COMELEC-EU said.

The Union thus appealed for understanding and patience from the public.

“We barely have enough time to eat and even respond to nature’s call while on duty at registration centers, and yet we are berated and scolded at daily by registrants who came in the last-minute. We are doing our best to accommodate everybody. So please spare COMELEC employees,” cried the COMELEC-EU.

The Union reminded the public that voter registration started almost two years ago. It added that local COMELEC offices even went directly to the Barangays to conduct regular satellite registrations and tapped malls to ensure the convenience of registrants. Several notices were also sent out by mail to the public in connection with the mandatory biometric registration, it added.

The Union explained that the voter registration process which will end tomorrow, will run from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM and that COMELEC offices observe a queuing system by numbering registrants at 250 appliancts for each voter registration machine.

“The state of affairs at registration centers would be less chaotic and problematic if only registrants came to our offices early. Kaya naman, humihiling kami ng kaunting unawa at pasensya sa publiko,” the COMELEC-EU concluded. ###

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COMELEC employees lament zero funds for wage increase in ‘gargantuan’ election budget, backs calls to peg monthly minimum wage to P16 thousand

August 9, 2015
Reference : Mac Ramirez, National President

COMELEC employees lament zero funds for wage increase in ‘gargantuan’ election budget, backs calls to peg monthly minimum wage to P16 thousand

Rank and file employees of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) under the COMELEC Employees’ Union (COMELEC-EU) has announced its full support to calls from public and private sector workers’ organizations for the immediate increase of the national minimum wage to P16,000 monthly.

“Boto kami sa agarang pagtataas ng minimum wage sa P16,000 kada buwan,” the COMELEC-EU said in a statement saying that employees both from the public and private sector have every right to demand a substantial increase in the wages they receive in light of the ever ballooning cost of living in the country.

Independent think-tank Ibon Foundation has estimated that as of August 2014, a family of six needs a minimum of P1,086 daily to survive. The COMELEC-EU has thus called the minimum wage in the government sector, pegged at P9 thousand per month, as “scandalous and outrageous.”

“How can the government allow its workers live with such pay?” the Union asked. “In the interest of justice and if only to bring dignity and honor to public service, it is high time that the government move to raise the minimum wage of 1.6 million state workers.”

But while it is supportive of current legislative moves to raise the national minimum pay to P16 thousand, the COMELEC-EU is quick to stress that the full raise must be given to the country’s state workers in its entirety and not in tranches as was done during the time of President Gloria Arroyo.

“Huwag naman na sanang baryahin ang pagbibigay sa P16 thousand. Sa totoo lang, kulang pa nga ang hinihingi namin, pero malaki na ang maitutulong nito sa pag-angat ng kabuhayan ng aming mga pamilya,” the Union said.

Zero funds for wage increase in ‘gargantuan’ election budget decried

The COMELEC-EU has also decried the non-inclusion of funds intended for the increase in salary of COMELEC employees in the gargantuan P32.4 Billion budget for the 2016 National and Local Elections. Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero has previously announced that Malacanang will recommend a P15.6 billion budget for COMELEC. This is on top of the P16.8 Billion already allotted to COMELEC for this year.

“It is thus very disheartening that nowhere in the gargantuan election budget can you find allocations intended for the increase in the salary of the workers who will hold the fort in 2016. Bilyon bilyon ang pera para sa makina, pero bakit walang pondo para sa mga empleyado?”

Reclassification of positions of COMELEC frontline workers pushed

The COMELEC-EU has thus pushed for the immediate implementation of the reclassification and upgrading of position of Provincial Election Supervisors (PESs), Election Officers (EOs) and Election Assistants (EAs) across the country.

According to the COMELEC-EU, the COMELEC En Banc issued Minute Resolution No. 14-0869 on December 16, 2014, which approved the reclassification/upgrading of ranks of one thousand fourteen (1,014) qualified PESs, EOs and EAs pursuant to a guideline issued by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) dated January 1, 1992 and based on the number of registered voters in a Province, City and/or Municipality.

The Resolution likewise recommended that the reclassification/upgrading of positions be made effective starting fiscal year 2015 and that the cost for the same be sourced from the COMELEC’s savings and that for the succeeding years thereafter, the same shall be included in the budget proposal of the Commission.

But according to the COMELEC-EU, the implementation of Minute Resolution No. 14-0869 was put in the back-burner due to lack of funding, to the detriment of the more than one thousand COMELEC frontline employees.

Thus, the COMELEC-EU has appealed to the Honorable COMELEC En Banc to finally implement the reclassification/upgrading of COMELEC field positions which they said is “long-overdue.”

“The reclassification and upgrading of one thousand fourteen (1,014) qualified PES, EO and EA positions, we firmly believe, will tremendously boost the morale of our field officials and employees, the very backbone of the entire COMELEC workforce, ahead of the 2016 National and Local Elections,” the COMELEC-EU said. ###


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COMELEC Employees invoke the spirit of ‘bayanihan’, calls on everyone to help in ‘No Bio No Boto’ campaign

July 5, 2015
Reference : Mac Ramirez, National President

COMELEC Employees invoke the spirit of ‘bayanihan’, calls on everyone to help in ‘No Bio No Boto’ campaign

Declaring their full support to the Commission on Elections’ (COMELEC) stepped up effort to promote its nationwide “No Bio No Boto” campaign, rank and file employees of the COMELEC under the COMELEC Employees’ Union (COMELEC-EU) today invoked the Filipino spirit of ‘bayanihan’ so that no voter will be left behind in the May 9, 2016 national and local elections.

“The duty to ensure that no one will be stripped of their right to vote in 2016 should not be left at the COMELEC’s shoulders alone. It should be a nationwide effort. We join the call of our Chairman for citizens to act as voter educators in their communities and help spread the word about the need for voter validation. Mag-bayanihan tayo para sa 2016 at sa mga susunod pang mga eleksyon.”

The COMELEC-EU also lauded the efforts and sacrifice of COMELEC frontline employees who conduct satellite registrations every week for almost a year now to reach out and extend COMELEC services even in farthest far-flung barangays.

According to the COMELEC-EU, a COMELEC employee’s theme song at the moment would be Diana Ross’ 70’s classic, ‘There ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you….’

“COMELEC employees cross rivers and open seas, endure arduous treks up mountains and upland communities just to ensure that everyone is registered and validated so they may be able to exercise their right to vote,” said the COMELEC-EU.

The Union cited as an example an incident last April when six (6) COMELEC employees had to be rescued by the Philippine Coast Guard after they got stranded for hours off the open waters of Camarines Norte. The COMELEC employees, headed by Election Officer Emily Basilonia, were returning from their scheduled satellite registration in Barangay Lalawigan, the farthest in Mercedes Town in Camarines Norte, when their motorized banca suddenly went dead on the water.

But the COMELEC employees aren’t complaining at all.

“Trabaho namin ito at proud kami sa ginagawa namin. We just hope that our efforts inspire everyone and move them to act and help us in our shared duty to uphold the Filipino’s right to suffrage,” the COMELEC-EU concluded. ###

Surigao Sat Reg

COMELEC employees from Surigao del Sur all smiles while on their way to a far-flung barangay for a scheduled satellite registration

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ATTN ALL COMELEC Employees: CNA Proposal for Ratification

June 12, 2015


Dear Co-employees:

Warmest greetings on the occasion of our nation’s Independence Day!

We write to respectfully inform you that the Commission on Elections Employees’ Union (COMELEC-EU) has been certified and accredited as the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE NEGOTIATING AGENT of all rank and file employees of this Commission after having obtained more than majority of the valid votes cast in the recently conducted nationwide Certification Election.

As a result of its certification and accreditation, the COMELEC-EU is now in the process of gathering the support and signatures of all rank and file employees nationwide to ratify the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Proposal to be submitted to Management.

In this regard, may we respectfully seek your support in disseminating to our co-employees the hereto attached (a) Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Proposal, (b) CNA Signature Ratification Sheet and (c) the Updated COMELEC-EU Membership Form, to be filled-up and signed by ALL rank and file employees, with Salary Grade 24 and below including plantilla casuals.

Likewise, may we respectfully request your assistance in the posting of the Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) Proposal at all OREDs and OPESs nationwide. We will greatly appreciate it if you could furnish us with photographic evidence that the said document have been posted including the places and inclusive dates of posting.

Your support to the above requests will be greatly appreciated as this will contribute in our final realization of a Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) that will work for the greater benefit of all rank and file employees of the Commission. Kindly send the CNA Signature Ratification Sheets, the filled-up COMELEC-EU Membership Forms and photos of the posting of CNA (including the places and inclusive dates of posting) via mail/courier service to the COMELEC-EU, 3rd floor, Shipping Center Building, A. Soriano Avenue., Intramuros Manila, not later than July 24, 2015.

Your prompt and positive response will be highly appreciated.

Very truly yours,

National President COMELEC Employees Union




COMELEC-EU Membership Form_Updated

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Taos pusong pasasalamat ang ipinapa-abot ng buong kasapian at upisyal ng COMELEC-EU sa lahat ng mga empleyadong nagtiwala, sumuporta at bumoto sa ating Unyon sa katatapos lamang na Certification Election.

Nagsalita na ang mga empleyado. Ang COMELEC-EU ang buong lakas na binigyan nila ng mandato na katawanin sila sa negosasyon sa Management para sa pang-matagalan at makatwirang benepisyo.

Dumagundong sa buong bansa ang suportang tinanggap ng COMELEC-EU. Sa pinakahuling bilang ng Bureau of Labor Relations, nakakuha ang ating Unyon ng 2,538 na boto sa kabuuang bilang na 3,482 na bumoto sa buong bansa, samantalang ang ACES ay nagtamo lang ng botong 770.

Ang malawak na suportang nakalap ng ating Unyon ay patunay sa katumpakan ng ating panawagan para sa makabuluhang dagdag sahod at karampatang benepisyo na niyakap ng mga empleyado sa buong bansa. Pinatutunayan din nito ang marubdob na kagustuhan ng mga empleyadong magkaisa sa ilalim ng isang matatag, maaasahan at dedikadong Unyon para sama-samang isulong ang kanilang interes at kagalingan.

Kung kaya naman, sa pagkakataong ito, nananawagan ang pamunuan ng COMELEC-EU ng pagkakaisa sa hanay ng mga empleyado. Sa mga upisyal at taga-suporta ng ACES, nawa ay isantabi na natin ang lahat ng bangayan at hidwaan. Magtulungan na tayo para sa kapakanan ng mga empleyado.

Dahil ang nanalo sa nagdaang eleksyon ay ang empleyado mismo, sapagkat hahawanin nito ang daan para makamit ang ating ultimong layunin na magkaroon ng makabuluhang Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) sa Management.

Sa mga susunod na araw, sisimulan na ng COMELEC-EU ang konsultasyon sa mga empleyado para paunlarin pang lalo ang ating draft CNA proposal. Sisimulan na rin natin ang pangangalap ng pirma ng mga empleyado sa buong bansa para i-ratipika ang ating CNA Proposal. Agad na isusumite natin ito sa Management pagkatapos ang lahat ng mga rekisitos para maumpisahan na sa lalong madaling panahon ang negosasyon.

Bilang na oras ng paghihintay ng mga empleyado sa limos at kakarampot na biyaya sapagkat lalamanin na ng negosasyon ang mga pang-matagalan, makabuluhan at institusyunalisadong mga benepisyo na hindi natin tinatamasa sa napakahabang panahon.

Bibitbitin na ngayon ng COMELEC-EU ang boses ng mga empleyado sa hapag ng negosasyon. Asahan ninyong hindi natin bibiguin ang lahat at hindi natin sasayangin ang inyong tiwala.

Muli, nagpapasalamat kami sa lahat ng mga empleyado sa kanilang suporta at tiwala. Magkaisa na tayo sa iisang Unyon.

Mabuhay ang COMELEC-EU!
Mabuhay ang mga empleyado ng COMELEC!

Mac Ramirez


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CE Primer2

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